Blue ID – Mobile Authentication and Verification Service

Blue ID is a Bangalore based startup in the domain of Authentication and Identity Services from Verity Technologies, a mobile app services firm.

Blue ID is an authentication service that provides a single foolproof identity which integrates with multiple agencies that need to verify your identity / presence (for instance,banks, retail outlets, offices etc).

Mobile Authentication and Verification Workflow - Blue ID

Blue ID uses multi-factor authentication and Improves identification of the individual from Door entry (NFC), System entry (presence based mPIN) and ERP entry (biometric).

A typical workflow :

  • User makes Transaction through a mobile which syncs with Blue ID.
  • Blue ID verifies the biometric identity of the individual
  • Connects and check with Blue ID server via mobile
  • Confirms authenticity back over the mobile.

The company is also launching a content application called Mocazzo, that will work with social networking products.