Market Report: Mobile Banking in India used by 40 Million Urban Indians

Mobile banking in India – What’s the current trend? What are the popular banking service on mobile? Which is the most popular bank? Read on for more details.

Mobile banking in India is set to explode –  approximately 43 million urban Indians used their mobile phones to access banking services during quarter ending August, 2009, a reach of 15% among urban Indian mobile phone user.

Checking account balances is the most popular banking service used by urban Indians with almost 40 million users followed by checking last three transactions, 28 million and status of cheques with 21 million users.

Usage Unique Users (In millions)
Used mobile banking 43.70
Checking account balance 39.97
View last three transactions 28.15
Status of cheques 21.06
Payment reminders 20.92
Request a cheque book 19.11

Mobile banking is popular among the Rs.1 to 5 lakhs per year income group with almost 60% of mobile banking users falling in the income bracket, an indicator of adoption of this service by younger generation.

Most Popular Bank

ICICI bank maintains its position as country biggest private lender on mobile screen as well with 17.75 million users. HDFC accounts for second most subscribers with 9.1 million subscribers followed by State Bank of India with 6.13 million subscribers.

[The report has been prepared by Vital Analytics (sample size: 6,653), Bangalore based research firm that tracks current and future mobile trends in India. For more information, please visit]

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