Mumbai Airport Begins Mobile Boarding Pass Trials

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Mumbai Airport Begins Mobile Boarding Pass Trials

The Mumbai airport has been conducting mobile boarding pass trials for two weeks, a step in the direction to make boarding passes obsolete.

E-Passes have been extensively used by several airlines and airport authorities the world over for at least the past 8 years.

An e-boarding pass is a digital equivalent of the printed paper cards that airlines handout during check-in.

The pilot project has been initiated in partnership with Vistara airlines. All customers have to do is opt for mobile booking pass when buying a ticket.

On the day of travelling a flyer can check in online and will be sent an SMS or link to a QR code that contains all their details.

Upon reaching the airport, the passenger scans the QR code which is verified by CSIF personnel across the many security checkpoints.

Trials of using e-boarding passes have also been carried out at Bangalore and Hyderabad airports along with select airlines.

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