Browser is the new OS, Even for Mobile phones

[Guest article by Lalit Bhise, Founder of Mobisy, a company that has built Mobitop platform which meshes rich functionality of handsets with ease of development and cloud access a browser provides. In this article, Lalit shares some of his viewpoint regarding Mobile OS vs. the browser and breaks certain myths about the same]

1. Mobile processors are too slow to handle heavy processing needs of a full fledged browser based app.

Just  3 years ago when we started, N80 with it’s 220Mhz processor was one of the fastest Mobile computing device. Today we have Google nexus with 1Ghz processor almost as much as a laptop -match that !

With these processors it’s not only feasible but it’s easily possible to write rich applications for mobile handsets in web technologies.

2. The pipes are too small

Well that’s a funny one. Today in Mobisy, we have couple of interesting applications on Mobitop using only SMS as a pipe to share data. We are also working on another app which uses CBS as a pipe. Now compare that with existing GPRS and upcoming 3G pipes..

3. Battery life

Battery life is real concern, web apps with their interpreted processing and network oriented approach, do such Battery quicker than native app. Going forward, batteries themselves are getting better as well as we are inventing new ways to write smarter applications.

4. Reliability of connections

With Ajax techniques we do write completely asynchronous applications which do not really rely on reliability of connection. Especially if you know your users are going to use flaky connection. We have also integrated offline working in all our applications to get around this issue more effectively.

What’s your opinion?

[Reproduced from Munimo blog.]

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