Mobile browser war: Chinese UCWeb’s market share in India grows past 20%

UCWeb, the Chinese web company we have been talking about a lot lately announced on Wednesday that users of its web browser users outside of China has reached 60 million.

Its market share in India has grown more than 20%.  According to Statcounter, in the first half of 2012, UC Browser’s market share in India has grown from 12% to over 23% (Read: A look at India’s Mobile Internet Revolution).

The company has also staked claim to the title of being the worlds largest mobile browser company with nearly 300 million users worldwide in a period of 8 years.

Launched in November 2011 in India the browser has overtaken the Nokia browser and is much above other browsers already (Earlier, Pi had reported how the UC browser is fast catching up).

Market share of Mobile Browsers in India
Market share of Mobile Browsers in India

UC Browser, is available on more than 3,000 different models of cell phones from over 200 cell phone manufacturers across all major operating systems.  In June 2011, the company released its U3 kernel a faster and more secure way of browsing.

The first international version of UC Browser was released in 2009. UCWeb has now gone past 10 % market share in 6 different countries, including India. The company’s first office outside China was opened in India earlier in September.

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