Roopit – Just another Classified Site…or something Interesting?

There are tons of classified sites in India and surprisingly, all of them seem to do well. Atleast in terms of seo traffic.

Though when it comes to real conversion, I am not sure how many of them tick.
Infact, are there classified sites in India who have ‘the’ authority like Craiglist?

I don’t think so and in spite of so many classified sites in India, there still is enough room for few new players to try new business models (apart from relying on Google adsense and make money ‘Work from home’ listings).roopit-logo

Roopit, a freshly launched startup from Bangalore is taking a different view of the entire classified space and has launched a product tightly integrated with mobile.

You do not have to login/register at the site (there is no registration page!) and all the action happens via your mobile number. You need to verify your mobile number in order to create a listing or even to reach out to seller.

mobile classified

Like Twitter, the item description has to be written within 140 words – and even if you do not verify your phone number, Roopit lists your ad as a ‘unverified seller’.

As far as the data is concerned, Roopit is bringing data from property brokers, second hand dealers and is building its own network of dealers and brokers (reminds me of Rentimental, which eventually got shut down).

The biggest challenge with the service (in its current form) is lack of privacy – if you are a verified buyer, you have the mobile number of the seller and am not sure how many casual sellers will be fine with their number being floated around like this.

At the same time, this is the first phase [release 0.1] and am sure the team will figure out the privacy part.

Do give Roopit a spin and share your comments. Do you think a Twitter app will do the trick for them?

Watch this demo video

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