Report: Mobile data usage up by 2x in India, 10 % increase in 3G Penetration increases per capita GDP .15 %

Mobile data usage doubled since the introduction of mobile in India including other 95 countries between 2005-10, says a new study. Mobile usage per 3G connection in United States grew on average by 300% every year between 2005-10, while the western Europe countries mobile data usage grew by 170% over the same period, says the report titled ‘What Is the Impact of Mobile Telephony on Economic Growth?’. The report is jointly compiled by Deloitte and Cisco Systems.
The report measures the impact on GDP growth of consumers moving from basic 2G connections to 3G connections. This analysis of 96 developed and developing markets shows the positive effect of consumers substituting a 2G connection with a 3G connection. A 10% rise in 3G penetration increases GDP per capita growth by 0.15%.

The report notes that the 3G penetration has increased significantly worldwide in recent years, reaching over 60% in western Europe, and over 90% in the USA in 2011. This growth is fueled  by the availability of devices such as phone with 3G capabilities, smart phones and tablets. The study projects that total mobile connections will stand at 6.8 billion with mobile subscriber penetration at 45% by the end of 2012.

While effects from mobile data are most evident in more developed markets, mobile telephony in developing markets continues to deliver strong benefits through voice services, with huge potential for additional benefits as mobile data networks are rolled out, says study.

The report draws from research of data usage and economic growth across 14 countries provided by Cisco Systems based on their Visual Networking Index (VNI), and Deloitte studies on the productivity impact of mobile in 79 countries and the impact of 3G penetration across 96 countries.

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