Mobile Gaming Industry in India: Cricket, Hollywood rules the action


Mobile Gaming Industry in India: Cricket, Hollywood rules the action

IndiaGames has recently released a research report on the mobile gaming industry and here are a few interesting stats:

  • Maximum number of mobile games download take place between 1 pm to 5pm and 7pm to 11 pm.
  • Top 10 games comprise of Cricket, Hollywood and action based games
  • 40 % of all mobile gamers belong to 22-35 years of age, followed by 13-21 yrs and 35+ (each 25%).
  • Airtel has the largest share in games followed by Vodafone and Reliance Communications.
  • GSM has market share of 70% as far as # of downloads is concerned, and 79% for revenue split.
  • Nokia handsets are loved by gamers – all top 10 handsets belong to Nokia (6030 is #1)
  • Gujarat is the top GSM circle followed by Mumbai and Karnataka.
  • The unique user base for IndiaGames is up 85% from 6 months ago; and IndiaGames expects the addressable market to be around $240-288bn by 2010.

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The Indian mobile gaming industry is fueled by Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters like Star wars’ , ‘King Kong’ , ‘The Incredibles’, Rang De Basanti’ , to ‘ Sarkar’  etc.

Mobile Gaming has lesser entry barrier and one of the factors driving mobile gaming in developed markets is availability of faster processors in mobile devices, which enable faster response times, 3-D graphics and advanced sound capabilities.

What’s your take on Mobile Gaming in India? Fad or here to stay?

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