In-Game Purchases On Mobile Is The Best Route To Monetization

Mobile gaming is huge, and according to estimates by SuperData Research Inc, global revenue earned through in-game purchases is expected to total $23.4 billion.
Mobile In-Game Purchase Revenue
In the US alone mobile game players are expected to spend $1.82 billion this year, up from $1.51 billion in 2014 and $1.12 billion in 2013.
The growth in in-game purchases is motivating many developers to switch to a freemium model, where the up-front cost of the game is zero, but users end up paying for extra lives, health, upgrades.
On average, less than 3% people make in-game purchases, with buyers spending between $5 and $25 each month. Then there are the Whales, who spend in upwards of $100 on games each month, and the entire industry is trying to capitalize on them.
Competition is cutthroat, with there being over 750 new games being added to the app stores each day. However, the 10 top-grossing games rake in 43% of the worldwide revenue in mobile gaming, which means it pays to be on the top.

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