1.4 Billion Asians Will Use Internet on Mobile by 2015 [Report]

We recently covered the mobile web traffic of India (which stands next to US) and the emergence of non-US geographies has simply added to the fact that emerging economies will drive the next wave of web consumption.

A UK mobile analyst firm has predicted that there will be more than 1.4 billion mobile Internet users in Asia by 2015. The announcement indicates a significant growth that mobile industry is likely to witness on Asia’s developing landscape.

From the end of 2009 to the end of 2015, the number of mobile Internet users will increase by 233%, making mobile the primary Internet access channel for brands and businesses to communicate with customers. Asia has long been regarded a market with much potential for mobile internet. mobilesquared

Interestingly, the importance of mobile in Asia, as the primary access point of internet, can also be extrapolated from our earlier coverage on 150% growth of Opera Mini browser uniques recently.

Asia’s three biggest influences – China, India and Japan – and the importance of 3G (wake up SidGov!) will be fueled by over 1 billion mobile internet users by 2015. This does not come as surprise considering the low cost of devices and portability of phones as against laptops or fixed line connections will propel using a mobile phone as a primary access point of internet.

The continued growth of mobile powerhouses China and India will contribute over 1 billion mobile Internet users by 2015, while Japan – the world’s most advanced mobile Internet nation – will have a little over 100 million users.

The uptake of 3G will be the driving factor across the rest of Asia.

China alone will contribute 58% of all mobile Internet users across Asia by 2015, with over 800 million users, while India will have a little over 260 million,” said mobileSQUARED chief analyst Nick Lane.

“These figures are astronomical compared to other markets around the world such as the UK where 38 million mobile Internet users are expected by 2015. However, when placed in context with the mobile growth both India and China are experiencing, the mobile Internet growth is in alignment with other developing nations.”

In Southeast Asia’s major players are quoted as:

After Asia’s “big three”, the next tier in terms of scale will come from Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea, contributing a combined 121.77 mobile Internet users by 2015.

Indonesia is arguably Southeast Asia’s biggest technology market; being the biggest consumer of Twitter, social networks and mobile internet.The forecasts above are taken from the company’s upcoming “complete guide to mobile in Asia” report which will include India, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

The report from mobileSQUARED will be launched at Singapore on 5-6 May 2010. Pluggd.in readers will receive special discount to attend the roadshow. We will share the eventcode later, so stay Pluggd.in!

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