Surely a surprise for those who believe that mobile Internet will just not take place – be it the handset factors (small size/processing power), or bad connectivity and above all, lack of good content!

As per TRAI’s latest numbers, the number of Indians using their mobiles to logon to the internet has increased from 16 million in 2006 to 38 million in 2007 (both GSM and CDMA).

While Broadband numbers stay at 2.69 million and there are just 22 million PCs in the country (of which only 30-40% have Internet access), mobile Internet seems to be the logical area of growth.

Players like Bharati and Spice have witnessed ~10% of user base using mobile Internet and even analysts are of the view that data usage is becoming a very significant source of revenue and will outpace voice-based VAS services by 2011.

What’s your take on mobile Internet? I find it surprising that if mobile Internet is happening in India, why is m-commerce lagging behind?


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