A look at India’s Mobile Internet Revolution [mobile is taking over desktop?]

1. Opera, the browser which dominates mobile internet in India has been losing market share to the UC browser which has now grabbed 21 % market share in India. What? Yes, you read that right. The Chinese web browser launched in November 2011 in India has overtaken the Nokia browser and is much above other browsers already! Earlier Pi had reported how the UC browser is fast catching up.

2. Share of S60, the operating system run by newer Nokia phones has been nose-diving while S40 the simpler version of Nokia’s operating system has gained along with Samsung and Android.

3. Number of people accessing the internet through a mobile phone are almost equal to number of people accessing the internet through the desktop.

4. Korean phone maker Samsung has been steadily gaining market share while Nokia has slipped. While Nokia went from 76 % share in July last year to 55 % this year, Samsung jumped from 17 % to 27 %.

5. Mobile sales in India is estimated to hit 231 million units this year, compared to 213 million units last year. Chinese phone maker Huawei recently said that not only will it start manufacturing smartphones from Chennai, but it will also spread over 200 cities and 20,000 outlets in the next three years. The Indian government is finalising a plan to distribute free mobile phones to the poor at an expense of about Rs 7,000 cr to the exchequer.
[Statcounter data is obtained from websites that have installed statcounter and hence may not be 100 % accurate. However, it gives a fair idea of user trends.]

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