Mobile Internet Users in India – Only 2 Million are Serious Users [Report]


A study by IMRB and IAMAI suggests that there are only about 2 million users accessing Internet through their mobile phones and other mobile devices on an active basis, which means they use Internet on their Mobile at least once a month.

Mobile Internet Usage in India
Mobile Internet Usage in India

As per the study, 27% mobile phones are Internet ready (127 million mobile subscribers out of 471 million total subscribers) and out of these 127 million subscribers, only 12 million have used Mobile Internet.

And this number further reduces down to 2 million or 17% when it comes to active users [PR/IAMAI report (pdf)].

This is quite inline with what we published earlier (Urban Mobile Users in India – What do they access Internet For? [Market Report]), i.e. around 2.7million active unique users while the total number was around 12 million

Mobile Internet – Usage

Checking emails and searching for information are the two most popular reasons for accessing net over mobile phones. 2.8% of Urban Indian mobile population used the Internet over their phones to check emails while 2.5% used the net to search for information.

What’s your take on this report?

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