The screens are changing and English print is seeing the biggest impact. 2 Crore of the estimated 4.8 crore Mobile Internet users have shifted 50% of their newspaper and TV time to their mobile screens and what’s being consumed is – entertainment, all categories of news, travel and sports content.

Of all mobile internet users in India (estimated at 4.8 crores), a huge 87% are online on mobile every day. Almost half of these users go online through their cellphones every 2-3 hours and the duration of these visits is more than an hour. Almost 60% of these users have been on this medium for over an year

With access to email (99%) and social media (95%) being the primary drivers of mobile internet, consumption of content is starting to shift in favor of the 2 new screens – Mobiles and Tablets and the categories which see frequent or daily consumption include News, Games and Entertainment, Travel, Education and Search (“40% of Google India’s search originates from mobile phones”: ADMA).

Importantly, 55% of all daily Mobile Internet users hail from outside the top 8 metros and almost the survey* reveals that 80% of the users have performed some form of financial transaction through their mobile phone – payment of utility bills, purchase of products and services, etc. and 28% of mobile internet users have even used ‘mobile money’.

* The survey was conducted by Komli’s Vizisense with sample size of 2,024 users who access Internet through their cellphones. Before you take surveys on their face value, read: Why and how to read survey reports?.

More data on Mobile Internet in India:

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