We’re Killing #MobileLife; So Long and Thanks for the Fish


We’re Killing #MobileLife; So Long and Thanks for the Fish

We started this column – the #MobileLife – as an experiment a few months ago to bring a different viewpoint to how these ubiquitous devices are otherwise treated in tech and online media. We wanted to avoid the jargon heavy, features-driven view of mobile devices and focus on user needs, everyday scenarios and real issues folks come across as they use smarter and smarter phones, tablets and soon, wearable tech.

From the response thus far, we’d say it worked brilliantly well! Many posts resonated a lot with real device users – after all, we wrote them as end users ourselves.

We wondered whether basic feature phones were as irrelevant as the buzz around would have you think, or if you needed a camera now that you carry a smartphone everywhere. We reassured you about that cracked smartphone screen you’ve been sheepishly using for a while now – you’re not alone! We tried addressing the very real anxiety most of us have around the battery charge status on our phones. We also dug up some cool ways to upgrade your Android’s feature set.RIP Mobile

We compiled many useful lists of apps – those for eating out that were relevant to Indian users, a list of event apps that would matter specifically to a Mumbaikar, and a list of top news apps that folks actually use. Also, a list of must-have apps for entrepreneurs, and one of great e-book readers.

We paid homage to the awesome Nokia 3310 – that was big one! We questioned all the hype around the gazillion use cases of the smartphone, called out gadget reviews for the usually irrelevant information they provide, and even wondered if the tablet was a useful device at all!

It’s been a fun run. It forced us, and me personally, to look at gadgets through the lay person’s eyes a lot more, beyond the hype and marketing.

But we have realized that while one of our more popular columns, this is a pretty huge distraction for NextBigWhat. We asked ourselves if this was what we wanted to do rather than focus more, dig deeper and harder into entrepreneurship and technology products, and have decided to discontinue this.

There may be the odd gadget review, or industry insight around devices, but the #MobileLife will no longer appear every Tuesday.

So long, and thanks for all the fish, folks!

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