Mobile Makers Opposes Govt’s Decision’s To Add Panic Button In Handsets, Says Prices Will Rise Up


Yesterday Government had announced that mobile makers will have to manufacture handsets with a panic button and GPS feature starting from 2017.

However, the mobile manufacturers have not agreed with the rule and said that enabling the feature will increase the cost of basic handsets by Rs 400.

This will definitely create difficulties in reaching out to the masses with a higher price.

The Indian Cellular Association has asked the Government to reconsider the decision as the features will not help the people at the low stratas of the society.

The Department of Telecom on Monday mandated that all new phones to have GPS from January 2018 and all new feature phones and smartphones sold in the country from January 2017 should also have a panic button feature. The Government’s motive to impose the rule was to help women during the time of emergencies.

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  1. Instead of making law to force emergency button on mobiles; why not enforce the existing Rape laws that no one dare to commit crime. 🙁

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