Which Mobile Operator Gives You The Best Service. It’s Not Airtel.

If you are a stickler for quality, you probably want to know which operator gives you the best service in your area. Here is a side by side comparison of operators in a particular area based on various quality parameters surveyed by India’s telecom regulator.

Airtel, the largest mobile network operator in the country by market share, doesn’t seem to be in the good books of customers in terms of overall services. According to recent survey published by TRAI, the mobile operator was only the leading choice in terms of overall services offered in 2 of the 11 service areas surveyed.


Vodafone is the favorite and top rated operator in 6 of the 11 circles in terms of overall service.


The Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by TRAI in 11 sevice areas, assessed the Quality of Service being provided by the operators in terms of implementation and effectiveness of various TRAI regulations, directions and orders. The survey also took into effect the customer’s perception of telecom services. The survey was conducted from April to September of 2013 in the circles mentioned in the table.

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