Mobile Number Portability sees some light: Two MNP Service Providers announced

Two MNP (Mobile Number Portability) service providers will be appointed (public launch is delayed to Aug/Sep 2009) and will be the clearing house for mobile users to seamlessly change their operator without changing their number.

The two MNP service providers, to be selected through a “beauty parade”, will be neutral hosts connecting the operators and customers. They will function as a sort of interconnect exchange that will have the required infrastructure, including a database of numbers, for porting calls. [via]

Each MNP provider will provide the service in 11 circles and in order to maintain the neutrality:

  • Telecom service provider and an MNP operator cannot pick up any equity stake in each other’s firms.
  • One MNP service provider will not be able to hold more than 10 per cent equity stake in the other MNP company.
  • Foreign companies can become MNP operators, but their holding cannot exceed 74 per cent.

Let’s hope the MNP implementation doesn’t get further delayed.

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