Review Of Mobile Prepaid Recharge Websites [The Smiles And Straight Faces]

Keep talking!!

Har ek friend toh zaroori hota hain, lekin in the course of keeping in touch with all or most of them, we usually run out of our balances on the mobile. But, we now no longer need to run to shops across the street to keep talking. Recharging the mobile is just a click away. Startups like Freecharge, Mobikwik, PayTM and Rechargeitnow have made things easy.

And why only these? Either am ignorant or you aren’t good enough!!




Smiles for:

  • Providing free coupons worth the recharge amount. In fact if you recharge for Rs 60, you can still get a coupon worth Rs 100. Cool isn’t it? And do remember to read the T&C’s while choosing the coupons.
  • The whole process of buying and selecting coupons seems to be well-directed and simple.
  • And this seems the best – In the customer support page, the Freecharge people have impressively addressed the common complaints of the customers. Though the FAQ’s on most sites do the same thing, I personally liked the way they framed these common issues.


Why the straight face?

  • Had the tariff rates been provided on the website, it would have saved my time of searching them on the service provider’s website.

Mobikwik: Review



Smiles for:

  • Listing the recharge plans and allowing me to choose the suitable one.
  • Wow!! SMS-Recharge and Dial-recharge and even schedule-your-recharge options – Having enough balance in your account would allow you to recharge through all the above options.
  • You can add up to five numbers in your account and can avail the online recharge facility.

PayTM: Review



Smiles for:

  • Such a simple and neat UX. It definitely follows the KISS principle (keep it simple and straightforward) without missing out on the important information through a stick note.
  • This whole process makes more sense – Enter the mobile number, Select the mobile operator, Search for the available recharges (Pop-up window) and Enter the amount. And more importantly you never navigate to other pages during this whole process.

Why the straight face?

  • Expected the offers to be as exciting as my experience with Paytm. The offers (especially when compared with the Freecharge) are a letdown.

RechargeitNow: Review



Smiles for:

  • Not asking me to register/login to the account. You can straight away recharge even if you don’t have an account with Rechargeitnow.
  • Lists out the topup and recharge plans alongside thereby reducing the effort of searching for them.

Why the straight face?

  • The website is designed with a lot of pics, though the intention may be is to help the user to choose the operators easily, somehow it makes the UX a bit clumsy.
  • Have a feeling that they look down on BSNL users. Sometimes the BSNL user can’t pay by ICICI netbanking facility when an Airtel user is allowed to and sometimes it doesn’t even allow you to go till that step.

Having listed out my likes and dislikes, it’s not mandatory that even you like Sushmita Sen over Aishwarya Rai just because I do. So people, try out the online recharge’s and do let us know your experiences.

[Guest article by Srikanth Ch/Reproduced from his blog.]

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