Guruji to Launch Ringtone search

Guruji is launching mobile ringtone search product that enables one to search for ringtones across the web and mp3s (as early as 1932).

Guruji, as we mentioned earlier has sort of found it’s mojo with music search (its’ a different matter that they got sued by Tseries for helping them find pirated copy).

The ringtone search product is currently on invite basis (you can jump the queue by inviting your friends).

A Look at Guruji Traffic

guruji traffic - fat lady is singing
guruji traffic - fat lady is singing

While there is a general increase in traffic (triggered by spend on Google adwords), do you think these services will take Guruji to the next level?
Update: Feb 15th, 2010: Is Guruji Dropping Music Search?

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