Jan-March quarter witnessed 50.2 million handset sales in India with Nokia retaining its leadership position (23% market share). Samsung follows Nokia with 14.1% market share while homegrown company, Micromax stood at 5.8% in terms of sales (unit shipments).

Smartphone Sales in India

The smartphone sales touched 2.7 million with Samsung topping the chart (40.4% market share), followed by Nokia and RIM (25.5 percent and 12.3 percent shares respectively), as per CyberMedia Research.

– Multi-SIM handsets accounted for 67.7 percent of total shipments during the quarter.

– 4.7 million 3G-enabled handsets were sold (decline against the previous quarter).

It’s important to note that Sony recently announced plans to phase out feature phones in India and concentrate only on Smartphone market, which is dominated by Samsung for now.

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Global data: Samsung devices represent 40% of Android Smartphone Sales [Q1, 2012]


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