Mobile search drives 33% of mobile web traffic in APAC region: Study

One in every three visits to a website from search came through a mobile device, according to a new study which also found that in India and the Asia Pacific region, mobile search drives a higher percentage of visits than from PC search.

The latest Adobe Digital Index report, based on an analysis of 2.5 billion visits to websites of over 125 companies in the Asia Pacific region says that search is a more popular navigation tool on mobile devices, likely due to smaller keyboards and on-the-go accessibility which creates more occasions to use search.

Source: Adobe Digital Index

In India, nearly 35 % of visitors who arrived at a website using search came through a mobile phone compared to 27 % from a PC and 32 % from a tablet.  As Internet users in India and the Asia Pacific region move to smartphones and tablets, mobile search is rising in importance.

Search Referred Visits as % of Total Visits

Source: Adobe Digital Index

To put things in perspective, however, nearly 97 % of total visits to a website were driven by PC in India and tablets and phones drive only about 3 % of traffic to websites.

% of Total Visits by Device Type & Country

Source: Adobe Digital Index

According to the study

“So far, Google has benefited most by consumers’ move to mobile. Google has a greater share of search-referred mobile visits than PC visits in every country analysed. The trend holds true in areas where Google dominates on PC, such as Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and India, as well as areas where Google is a distant second or third in PC search, such as mainland China and South Korea.”

The study also said that local search engines and Bing deliver lower bounce rates while Google has the highest bounce rates.

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