Samsung Beats Nokia; Smartphones Sale Grows 219% Over Last Year!

The surge in the growth of the mobile market continues, as about 58.9 million mobile handsets are shipped to India in the first quarter of 2014. While this sees an 8.9 percent growth across the same period from the year before, the rise couldn’t match up with the last quarters growth, as a seasonal quarter to quarter decline of 16.4 percent was recorded.

The report by CMR also found that Samsung surpassed Nokia to become largest handset shipping company. Samsung sold 20.3 percent of all mobile handsets, whereas Nokia sold 17.6 percent. Indian mobile maker Micromax and Karbonn Mobiles shared 3rd and 4th positions.


The first quarter saw a sale of 58.9 million mobile handsets, out of which 44.4 million units were feature phones, and the rest (14.5) were smartphones. More feature phones were sold in the last quarter, as well as the last year. Perhaps, it is because of people’s growing interest in smartphones which saw a 1.9 percent growth since last quarter, and a whopping uplift of 219.4% of year-on-year growth. Around 68.3 of these smartphones have 3G capability. However, last quarter 70.4 million handsets were shipped — a 16.4 percent fall since the last quarter and an 8.9 percent in first quarter results of 2013.


Looking at the Indian mobile market, Micromax still holds its position as the second biggest manufacturer, right behind Samsung’s 43.2 percent share, a rise from last year’s 40.4 percent. Micromax saw a marginal growth of 1.8 percent since last year and held 17.5 percent of all handsets sold in the first quarter of this year. Same wasn’t true for Karbonn Mobiles, which held 5.2% of handset sales in the first quarter, compared to the 11.1% it did last year.

The rise in smartphone sales proves that more and more people are now demanding phones that could do a lot of operations. And a shift in market share among manufacturers suggests that vendors who provide a great device experience will shine.

However, Android is dominating the mobile scene everywhere. With the addition of affordable phones like Moto E and Moto G, the competition will only get better. Meanwhile, Microsoft has released quite a few devices as well as a more mature operating system. With the recent Dual SIM capable Lumia 630 available at such competitive price, the decision to license Windows Phone for free to Indian mobile makers could see a rise in Windows Phone’s share as well.

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