Mobile Trends 2011–Apps Are The New Web, Communities The New Currency

2011 is a watershed year with a lot of realignments in the industry coming up [example: Nokia’s Windows Mobile love].
Yesterday we came across this very interesting and thought provoking slide deck by VisionMobile which mentioned a few megatrends in the very fluid mobile space. Some of the pointers to the new wave of mobile changes coming up –

  • HP releases a few phones with WebOS
  • Microsoft and Nokia phone rumors
  • Android overtaking anything else in the smartphone segment
  • Smartphones growing by 70% and Nokia losing market share by 7% (overall)
  • Steve Jobs taking a medical break

The authors of this deck have made a good job of distilling some of the observed trends and identified the 8 major trends below

  • The DELL-ification of mobile phones
  • Apps are the new web
  • Communities: the new currency
  • Software: new era for telecoms
  • Open + closed
  • Stuck in the telecoms age
  • Experience ecosystems
  • Developers, developers

The analysis is thoughtful and very thought provoking. The content is large enough not to fit into one blog post here – so we will let you go through the deck below.

Do let us know your thoughts – are these an indicator of the times ahead or do you think this exercise is too academic and innovators will continue to disrupt?

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