Mobile Users at Airports Spend Over 1.6 Hours on Their Devices [Report]


Mobile Users at Airports Spend Over 1.6 Hours on Their Devices [Report]

Mobile users at India’s 6 major airports spend an average of 1.61 hours on their devices, according to a new study. Mobile users in Mumbai airport are more active on their devices as compared to users in other airports such as Bangalore and Kolkata, the study said.

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The study by AdNear, which looked at 6.5 lakh airport visitors across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad found that Mumbai travelers were 14% more engaged (as compared to the average) followed by Kolkata travelers at 8%. Bangalore travelers were the least engaged at 18 % lesser than the average.

Most travellers were found at Mumbai airport by Mobile tracking and least was in Hyderabad.

Mobile tracking trends

The research also indicated that professionals spend maximum time on their phone followed by homemakers, 2.2 hours and 2 hours respectively. Also, the most popular day of travel was Thursday. Mobile engagement at airports were highest on Thursdays, followed by Wednesdays and Fridays.

audience trendspreferred timing

Evening flights between 7 pm to midnight were preferred by most travelers in all the cities. Students and homemakers end up taking early morning flights as well, probably due to cheaper costs.

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