Mobile users – Forget URL Typing. Use ShotCode


Mobile users – Forget URL Typing. Use ShotCode

One of the major problems with web surfing in mobiles is typing the URL! For e.g. if you want to surf my blog thru’ your mobile, you need atleast 57 clicks (assuming you don’t commit any typo).
So here is what I suggest you to do:

  • Download this free 18kb software (link)
  • Take a picture of this image (on your right).
  • You will be taken to this blog!

Shotcode has very creatively addressed the URL-typing problems with the mobile world.
Here is how it works:

  • Any publisher (people like you and me)/marketeer can create a shotcode (its free) and publish to the world (on your t-shirt/banners/artwork..wherever you wish to!)
  • Visitors can take the picture of the shortcode thru’ their mobile, and they will be directed to your site/blog (URL with which you registered the shotcode)

Shotcode is surely a disruptive product and is being used by companies to promote their brand:

  • Coca-cola, Mexico has launched 40 million Sprite bottle with shotcodes!
  • Microsoft’s monthly XBox newsletter contained a shotcode!

Shotcode’s site | Semacode (a competitor) | Watch Shotcode Video| Wikipedia entry

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