Phone Warrior To Defend Your Mobile From Spammers

Phone WarriorMost of our mobile phones are plagued with marketing or spam calls and SMS all day long. Even though there are laws against spammers and telecom providers have service like Do Not Disturb(DND) to offer, spammers always manage to get through. At times we even miss out on important calls due to fear of it being spam. This is a very common issue most of us face on a daily basis.

Phone Warrior, with a crowdsourced approach is trying to help you fight spam and other such unwanted calls.

Phone Warrior will tell you the name & location of the unknown caller during the incoming call and also at the end of the call. The tool will also blocks unwanted Calls & SMS. The service browses through its crowdsourced phone number database to identify who’s calling you and determine whether the origin number is a spammer’s.

Phone Warrior

You can not just block specific numbers from calling or messaging, but also block frequent spammers in your region automatically through the smart spam detection feature provided in the app. Spam SMS are blocked based on the content automatically and spam callers are blocked as reported by the community. You can also report spam to the community and get periodic updates of spam rules.

Some of the features other than than the text & call blocker include caller ID & caller information, automatic blocking of private numbers, blacklist management and password protection.

Once the app is installed, every time you receive a call or text the app will ask whether the caller is genuine or a spammer, the app then stores your reply in its database for future reference. In the future whenever you will receive a call from a blacklisted number, the app will automatically disconnect the call.

The interface is pretty easy to browse but could do with some refinement.

The company says that other than India the app will also work in Indonesia, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia. Indian users can also use this app offline without internet to get the caller information.

Phone Warrior is available for Android, Blackberry and Nokia platforms, which actually will help it improve its spam database in the country as a majority of Indian users are on these platforms.

The app has had between 100,000-500,000 installs on the Google Play store and has an average rating of 4.6 from over 1500 users. It is also one of the top apps on BlackBerry world.

The service is free to install and provides users with unlimited information lookup and is also advertisement free.

Download the app and give it a try.

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