Mobile Web Traffic from India is just next to US [Admob Report]

Even though Internet penetration in India is nothing much to talk about, mobile web has taken off and as per latest report by Admob, web traffic from mobile phones has touched the 1.2 Billion mark in March 2010 – propelling India to the second highest traffic worldwide.

Mobile web in India - Device Manufacturer Share
Mobile web in India - Device Manufacturer Share

Here is a detailed look at Admob’s February statistics for India:

  • In total, there were 828, 558, 969 requests from India in the month of Feb, 2010 (up by 5.9% since last month)
  • iPhone contribution has gone up to 5%.
  • As far as device manufacturers are concerned, its a Nokia world.
    Nokia phones constitute 59% of Mobile web, followed by Sony (10%), Samsung (9%), Apple (1%) and other phones (21%)
  • In terms of Operating Systems, Symbian phone contributes 91% of the mobile web, followed by iPhone OS (5%) and Windows mobile and other OSes.
  • Top smartphones include N70, N83, N73, 6300 and N72 [Download the Admob report].
Mobile web in India - Operating System Share
Mobile web in India - Operating System Share

Interesting that mobile web is driving so much of traffic [India is just next to US in the overall ranking] and even though Admob’s report is representative data, it does talk about the next wave of consumption/advertising.

What’s your opinion?

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