#MobileLife : Who Manages Your Smartphone Apps?


#MobileLife : Who Manages Your Smartphone Apps?

Apparently 50% of Androids bought in India have no data connection  (though this is debatable, given the number of dual SIM handsets around that have more than one operator service on the device)

Amazingly, 66% of folks voting for Indian Idol contestants did it through an app!

If that sounds bewildering – there’s lots more to confuse yourself with in this slide deck:


It follows that, if so many folks are consuming apps, sometimes without data connections, they must be downloading them somehow!!

The truth is that’s only partially true. Not everyone downloads their own apps, or ‘manages’ their own phone. Like for most other things in India, we have someone to do it for us 😀

Here’s a short list of obvious folks who are the much needed Smartphone Managers for many – check which of them you are, or have used the services of!

The Husband [or, The Wife?]

This one’s a tough job. For starters, the customer’s hard-to-please, and the tastes are very, very different. And you’re soon responsible for anything that doesn’t work exactly as expected on the phone.

But it’s still your job.

[I know of at least two cases where the wife’s much savvier and manages her phone. The husbands, understandably, accept the help thankfully..]

The Son or Daughter [-in-law]

This offers a major brownie points opportunity with the seniors at home!! Except, you’ll probably need to think completely differently from how you’d think of your own phone. Apps will need a similar interface and usability experience, and don’t stick in anything there that’s too “intuitive” – those work with folks very used to new-age UIs. Or anything needs power user capabilities. And be prepared to spend time on technical training and support.

The Mobile Phone Seller/Recharge Guy

Mobile App

These are very good channels for application developers. In fact, many a real world store salesperson will promise you “free software” worth half the price of the phone itself! They ‘package’ phones based on who’s buying them.

There’s definitely a product play in this space. AppsDaily might even have cracked it!

Oftentimes, the ‘currency recharge’ guys are consultants to everything mobile – especially for digital content, and even recommendations for good apps. This is true especially for the mid to low end of the market.

The Savvy Friend

Peer groups and recommendations are often underestimated. And in every group, we all have this very tech savvy frie

nd who’s always playing with new phones, new services, new apps. If you’re that guy, your friends kind of wait for you to tell them what’s good, worth trying out before doing it themselves. You even educate them on the features, what works and what hacks they can use on the phone. Your word seriously rules.

The IT Admin Guy

With BYOD on the ride, there’s a definite need for fenced gardens inside of corporates even for employee phones. MAM services allow for safer (from the company’s point of view) device usage with respect to their apps, data and digital security.

There seriously is a play for a “managed phone” play even for individuals, at least in India. Pre-bundled packs for various usage needs, child-safe phone setups and just to overcome the fear or inertia many have with technology can play a major role in making those phones truly smart for many users.

Anyone thinking of a startup around this?

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