#MobileLife: What Sort of a Relationship Do You Have With Your Phone?

Food, clothes, shelter. And then mobile phones – they are now a permanent part of our lives. Some different kinds of mobile phone users – from what I’ve seen and heard all around me.

Food, clothes, shelter. And then mobile phones – they are now a permanent part of our lives. We all out have our own ways of dealing with them, treating them and  according them a place in our lives. They create pride, bring convenience and relief, and often are the source of pain and anxiety as well.

Some different kinds of mobile phone users – from what I’ve seen and heard all around me:

The Fashionista

This one buys sexy looking devices. A touch of steel, or brushed aluminium, a metal body, well designed subtle curves – nothing too blingy but not the old boring boxiness for sure. Even the logo font and placement matters.Mobile User (3)

The accessory has got to be perfect too. Good leather, preferably branded. No el-cheapo aftermarket protective covers, and only the top of the line, wireless bluetooth headset – preferably a Plantronics or a Jabra.

But then they go and launch that very sexy looking curved screen. Ooh….

Use-and-throwerMobile User (2)

You often wonder how recent, well built and perfectly good handsets end up on the classifieds – don’t you? You can this kind of phone user for it.

Buy, try, oh wait there’s an upgrade already! And it’s got a better screen or processor or camera or something. They must get the latest, top of the spec-sheet gadget.

The dealers obviously know them personally. And if you have uncles and cousins who’re in this set, you probably get very cool phones very often for cheap, or even free!

Loving parent

Sometimes this category overlaps with the Fashionistas. But this guy’s definitely as much a believer in function as form, if not more, and in taking good care of the device.

Scratches hurt. So a good screen guard, and a sturdy, well-researched case are a must. They religiously follow good charging practices so the battery performs optimally. They might even clean the phone screen using a dedicated muslin cloth.

Data backups, factory resets and cache cleanups help ensure the phone continues to perform as-good-as-new for a long long time.

I totally envy suck blokes. But it’s a godsend to come across one when you’re in the market for a used phone. Of course, most of these folks don’t sell their phones too soon.

The Uber Gamer

This one’s simple. Mostly on the phone in landscape mode. And with two thumbs on the screen 🙂

Adventure buddiesMobile User (1)

Some carry their phones in the hip-pocket. And go riding/running/cycling with it. A little rain’s ok, and they surely don’t mind dust. They test the phone’s limits very often. Once in a while, they do run out charge and sometimes luck. But who said a cracked screen is something to fret over… ?

Family heirloom collector

Some buy, but find it very very hard to let go of their devices – after all resale value is hardly anything and there’s always someone around in the family or group of friends who could make good use of it. Having five “backup” devices from the past – all in fairly good, usable shape – should not surprise you too much if you happen to visit one of these folks.


Start with a super value for money phone. Mod as needed, run the most apps you can run on it without it killing the phone’s performance. No frills or accessories, usually, but the most bang for the buck from the device. And use it till it breaks – either in the hardware sense or the software one.

I’m the last one. And a little bit of the adventure guy.

What’s your relationship with your phone like?

Image credit: Shutterstock

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