India’s BigMobility Trends : Android Is Much Bigger Than Windows 7 (Desktop)

India is growing through a massive shift in bigMobility trend. The country which never witnessed the desktop web is seeing a tremendous mobile web uptake. And that translates to bigMobility opportunity.

The below 6 graphs tells it all.

1. Android (On Mobile) Is Bigger Than Windows 7 (on Desktop)

Desktop Vs. Mobile OS in India

2.  Device Vendors. Nokia Is Falling. Samsung is Rising. No signs of Apple.

Device Vendor in India : Where is Apple?

3. Top Mobile Browsers in India : UC , Chrome and Then Opera. Opera is falling consistently.

Top Mobile Browsers India : Opera is Down

4. Top Tablet OS?

Again Android. But yeah, iPad does exist.

Top Tablet OS in India

5. Top Social Media Service On Mobile?

No brainer, but Facebook. Twitter? More than 140 characters away!

Top Social Media Service in India

6. And the most popular mobile OS in India? Android wins hands down. There are no signs of Apple. Windows Phone is picking up.

Top Mobile OS in India

*The above data is taken from Statcounter, which publishes data used on sites that use statcounter scripts and may not show the exact picture, but is a good trend to look at.

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