Mobilize your business with FoneMine platform

FoneMine is an interesting service that enables companies to build mobile interactive apps to reach out to their customers.

What essentially means is that any company can develop their mobile strategy – be it SMS marketing/”click-to-call” feature/m-commerce in a very short time using the fonemine platform.

Current challenges in the VAS industry

The current mobile VAS industry is purely dominated by services like ring tones/wall papers etc. (i.e. mainly entertainment services ). But as the no. of users grow, serious businesses will need a platform to reach out to customers using different mediums; And the challenge in doing so is building the technology!

And essentially what one needs is a platform (i.e. enabler) and not a service provider!

FoneMine: The Mobile platform

FoneMine’s juice lies in the fact that one can build interactive apps in a few days compared to months required otherwise (Jagadish BandHole, CEO of FoneMine demoed me the entire product and trust me on the ease of use factor).

FoneMine offers tons of pre-built apps (Group Talk/Yellow pages integration/Photo Album/Ratings/Poll, Quizzes/Maps,Directions/Credit card transaction/Shopping cart etc..) and as a business you can easily plug-n-play these modules to your mobilized site/service (without any major piece of code work)


Most importantly, FoneMine platform is operator independent and the apps integrates all the three marketing mediums any business will ever need: Voice, sms and Mobile Internet.
As Jagadish mentions:

This platform is designed around the fundamental belief that mobile must be treated as a “first class citizen” and is neither just an extension of earlier computing models nor only for youth. FoneMine enables customers to offer mobile services in whatever way they want: to any demographic, building their offerings based on their own strategies

What I’d really like to see is a pure self-service model for enterprises or small businesses (who may not want to go with the entire sales process, rather have a seasonal demand for such service).

Now that’s about the business aspect of FoneMine. What’s in for consumers like you and me? FoneMine has interesting offerings for consumers as well:

  • Group Talk: i.e. start a group phone call/conference with your friends.
  • Make free international calls from your phone (I haven’t yet tried this)
  • Share FonePage: go beyond the native mobile contacts, spruce up your identity and share lightweight fonepages with your friends.

You need an invite to get your FoneMine id. if you are interested, please leave your email id in the comment section.
In India, FoneMine has tied up with Getit Yellow pages and have a lineup of interesting portals that are mobilizing their businesses using fonemine.

Stay : We will unveil the services at appropriate time!


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