moblf – Get FriendFeed Updates on your Mobile


If you are friendfeed or Twitter fan, moblf is just for you.

SFO/Bangalore based, moblf, (i.e. Mobile Life) brings Web to SMS. It is a mobile interface that enables you to interact with web services using your mobile phone, particularly SMS text messaging.

For e.g. moblf enables you to carry Friendfeed in your pocket (i.e. mobile). All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Enable device updates on twitter.
  • Now, setup your FriendFeed account by sending <d moblf ffstart friendfeedusername,yourremotekey> to 40404 (or use IM)
    Get the FF api from here
  • Once you receive the confirmation, start playing with moblf:
    • to test send “d moblf ffhelp” to 40404 (US), 5566511 (India) (or send the same command on your desktop twitter client: gtalk or twirl).
    • send “d moblf ffget” to 40404 – to receive 5 most recent updates from FriendFeed.

If something is broken, read the detailed instruction here (will remind you of the ‘hello world’ program you wrote after all the hand-holding). Use promocode pluggd to signup.

moblf integrates with APIs from FriendFeed, Twitter, Yelp and LinkedIn

Give moblf a spin and do share your opinion.

BTW – I am on twitter ( as well as FriendFeed ( Lets kill productivity together! 🙂

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