Take Mock Tests for CET, JEE & NEET Before It Gets Real with Smart Lab

smart labThere was a time when preparing for a competitive entrance exam meant kilograms of books and reams of paper. That’s gone online now. Smartlab is another startup trying to make things easier for people preparing for entrance tests like CET, JEE & NEET.

The online portal helps you prepare for examinations by providing you with a variety of test prep formats to solve. The website has test preps for CET (All Streams), JEE and NEET currently. Subjects covered for CET includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology . For JEE, the subjects covered are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The questions are also compiled based on the latest curriculum.

The interesting part is that the portal ranks you alongside others who are taking the mock tests so you can estimate your preparedness before the real test happens.

You can register with the portal by submitting your name, email and mobile number. The username and password are immediately forwarded to the mobile number and email address submitted. Once you login with the provided details, you are asked to choose the stream of test you are interested in preparing for.

The prep consists of five levels for each subject, each level has 30 questions and you get 30 minutes to answer these questions. Each correct answer scores you 1 mark and a wrong answer will deduct 0.25 marks from your score.

Once you end the test or reach the 30 minute mark, then answers to all the questions are displayed with highlights on the wrong answers. A progress card is displayed on the side with your score breakups.

As the levels increase the complexity of the questions also increase. Only the first level of the prep is free, all the remaining four level have to be purchased from the portal. The purchase can be made through Credit/Debit card or through a cheque/DD.

Tests are priced upwards of Rs 299. A test once purchased can be re-attempted any number of times, but the drawback being that the questions don’t change. For a new set of questions a new test has to be purchased, this function might come in as a disappointment for most. The purchased tests are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase.

After completion of all 5 levels, you will receive a ‘Smartlab Rank’. This Rank will help you estimate your preparation levels for your future examination.

The development team is currently working towards making Smartlab compatible on other platforms too. The portal recommends a connection speed of 512kbps or above for optimum performance.

On trying the service, the overall experience felt good. The user interface and design layout is very clean and user friendly. Looks like this service is good value for money.

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