MockFlow – brings simple wireframing tool for your new website/product.

Build wireframes of your website collaboratively (online), using MockFlow.

There is more, for those who are thinking of doing up a new product. Creators of Produle have come up with an online tool ‘MockFlow‘ for collaborative mockup design and wireframes of new websites/products. The app is based on Adobe Flash Platform.

Using Mockflow, you can build & share a fresh design immediately with your team, or with your clients. The tool seems particularly useful if the development team or the client is remotely located. Mockflow comes with two plans – A free plan with upto 10 MB storage and a $39 paid plan with upto 500 MB storage .

Not that there aren’t enough online tools to achieve this already (check out Creately and skrbl too that we covered earlier), butMockFlow comes with a really neat & clean User Interface. The editing feature-set is minimalistic and well organized along with drag and drop of ’shapes and elements’ into the whiteboard.

With that said however, Mockflow really needs to differentiate itself from the rest either by offering more value into the online design process or by delving deeper into collaboration methods where more & more painpoints could be addressed for the remotely located teams.

Do give Mockflow a try and let us know your take.

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