Modi Govt Spent Rs. 4,300 Crore on Ads and Publicity; More Digital Less Print

The central government has so far spent Rs. 4,343.26 crore only for advertisements and publicity through different media, an RTI reply revealed.
Here is the distribution of spend so far:
The government spent Rs. 953.54 crore on publicity – Rs. 424.85 crore in print publicity, Rs. 448.97 crore on electronic media and Rs. 79.72 crore on outdoor publicity.
Rs. 510.69 crore on print media, Rs. 541.99 crore on electronic media and Rs. 118.43 crore on outdoor publicity, or a total of Rs. 1,171.11 crore.
The government earmarked Rs. 1,263.15 crore for the 2016-17 period. During the period, expenditure on print saw a marginal dip with Rs. 463.38 crore allocated for the 2016-17 period.
The fund for electronic medium saw an increase over the previous year to Rs. 613.78 crore.
There was a sharp drop in spending on electronic media over the previous year to Rs. 475.13 crore and a significant drop in outdoor publicity expenses to Rs. 147.10 crore. [via]

What inferences can you draw from the spend pattern? When is digital important for govt as opposed to print?