Mojostreet Makes Its App Available on All App Stores, Zomato Tells Us to Focus on Blackberry

Mojostreet, the LBS startup that wants to become Foursquare of India has launched its mobile app in all the app stores (at the time of the team showcasing the app @UnPluggd, they only had Blackberry app). earlier reviewed the Android app:

a) Usability – the look and feel of the app is very cool. It looks pleasing to the eye – and the signup and sign in experiences were very good.

b) Responsiveness – in spite of getting a lot of information from the server back end (like search results etc), the app was surprisingly and pleasantly responsive without much seeming latency.

c) One of the major points of feedback is regarding their data. I think they can do well to add some more data points and populate the search results.

d) In terms of core value, they identified my location very well and gave me a few options to check in. Most of them were highly relevant – and I completed a checkin into a mall.

Mojostreet team has partnered with mapping company to get the lat/long of locations and the team is focusing on bringing deals with local restaurants and I believe, that’s what will make it more relevant (the mass is hungry for deals, brands are hungry for converting footfalls into sales).

Links to Mojostreet’s app: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia

Zomato: Blackberry, iOS and Android

Zomato has shared its App stats and here are a few great insights:

These numbers are purely organic downloads (i.e. no paid ads, app store features are not included). Blackberry is certainly the most active consumer app ecosystem in India.

When it comes to activity, iOS rules:

This is the average for active users within a month (i.e. # of visits/# of unique install loads). iOS significantly leads the way here. Clearly shows the ‘propensity to spend’ of iOS users vs Blackberry and Android users.

Also, Blackberry users take the least amount of time to decide on a restaurant and iOS take the most!

When it comes to engagement, iOS wins hands down and Android users tend to stay in-between the extremes.

In short, Zomato’s data tells us that it’s better to focus on Blackberry and iOS than the over-hyped Android, an observation I am completely in agreement with.

What has been your experience?

[Via Appnomy: Zomato : Blackberry Users Take the least amount of time to decide on a restaurant, Mojostreet Makes Its App Available on All App Stores]

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