Mojostreet releases Android App – iPhone in the works as well

Mojostreet – a company which we had covered earlier – has released its Android app today. Mojostreet was a popular company in the last UnPluggd where most of the audience had asked them about an Android or an iPhone app (they already had a Nokia app). They had indicated that its in the works – and today is when they are releasing the app to the public.

We had the opportunity to try it out today. Here are a few thoughts about the app –

a) Usability – the look and feel of the app is very cool. It looks pleasing to the eye – and the signup and sign in experiences were very good.

b) Responsiveness – in spite of getting a lot of information from the server back end (like search results etc), the app was surprisingly and pleasantly responsive without much seeming latency.

c) Some of the buttons were a bit small on my Nexus One – hence a bit difficult to click on. This was especially when there was a lot of whitespace around.

d) In some cases, the app was a bit slow – e.g. inviting friends. I have about 4000 entries in my address book – so that is explicable. Also while scrolling down the lsit of friends, there is no jump to or a side scroller. That makes the task of scrolling down very difficult.

e) In terms of core value, they identified my location very well and gave me a few options to check in. Most of them were highly relevant – and I completed a checkin into a mall.

f) One of the major points of feedback is regarding their data. I think they can do well to add some more data points and populate the search results. E.g. I searched for Japanese (food) in Bangalore and got no results – and I am sure there are. I would think tying up with a Zomato or Asklaila for information would help them get this grounds up data.

g) I wasnt sure if it was serving me just local results – so I tried the same search in Chennai and it showed me a couple of places that do serve Japanese – so I think getting some more data in there would be a great value add for every user.

h) Of course in apps like these, the benefit (like Foursquare) comes when the tieups are with a huge number of restaurants, vendors etc. I think that is still some way to go – although they have some deals in there.

i) I also got a few toasts to “Please enable your location settings”. I didnt have my GPS settings on. Although I can do it – it still makes sense to have some kind of a help to help users do it.

j) They have an excellent feature where they track my location and tell me miles and travel type. I still have to try it in depth – but definitely is a good feature to have.

Last, but not the least, I recall the other major question which people asked them at UnPluggd – How is this different from Foursquare. Although there are some feature differences from Foursquare, the fact still remains that the value is pretty much the same for this app as well.

As per Kalyan, founder at Mojostreet –

We will continue to be in Beta and will be working with Users and Merchants to improve the experience further.  Users can provide their feedback using the Feedback option within the app or email us directly at

Some helpful links –

The app is still in beta – so they are looking for feedback. Why don’t you try out the product as well and send them your thoughts?
Do watch the demo @UnPluggd

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