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[Event coverage + Guest post by Lalit, Co-founder/CEO of Mobisy, one of the startups selected to demo their product @ MoMo Barcelona] It was an excellent vibrant event where all…

[Event coverage + Guest post by Lalit, Co-founder/CEO of Mobisy, one of the startups selected to demo their product @ MoMo Barcelona]

It was an excellent vibrant event where all players in the Mobile ecosystem including operators, phone vendors , vcs and start-ups participated with equal enthusiasm and theMoMo Barcelona event itself was planned immaculately ! I must congratulate Momo global community for arranging such a wonderful experience.
To start with, there were keynote speeches from .mobi’s CEO and co-founder, Nokia’s chief architect Serge Haumont and Mr. Pekka Ala-pietila from Blyk.

Blyk is the first Mobile network operator to offer free calls to a targeted user group between age group of 16-24 with advertising as their business model.
The most interesting aspect of the presentation was when he mentioned about Blyk’s advertising response rates which are 29%. It is huge in advertising world !!!
Would India wake up to such an opportunity?

Coming to the main demo event itself, it was separated in two categories , “early-stage” which was meant for companies founded in or after 2007 and “emerging” companies which were founded before 2007.
From India 3 companies chosen as finalists, Mobisy in early stage companies and Ziva Software as well as Mobile-works in emerging category.

Here is a summary of the demos.
Amsterdam – Movels
Movels is about reading your books from Mobile phones. They have developed an application for mobile phones which you need to download to be able to read the books they provide. First chapter of the books is free and you have to pay for reading the remaining of the book. Quite interesting, because they are doing something for existing Mobile devices which amazon plans to do with their new Kindle!

Bangalore – Mobisy
Read the earlier coverage

Barcelona – skuair
It provides a very interesting service to provide images as barcodes. Bar-codes are usually not human readable while skuair’s service allows embedding images in the barcodes to make them more human readable and relevant to the product itself !

Berlin – ViiF
I heard about this company quite a lot after the event as someone who provides a very interesting technology. Unfortunately, they did not win in any of the categories.
ViiF provides video streaming over 3G call channels. Which means that you can make a video call from your 3G mobile phone without having to pay any data charges.
You just have to call their short code to avail the service !

Boston – SnapMyLife
A Mobile photo sharing service.

Brussels – Mobixx
Mobixx optimizes PC Internet web pages for Mobile viewing; they charge content providers licensing fee and hosting fees.

London – The 3G Dating Agency
This was a very interesting product again ! It provides a free and secure Mobile dating service to all it’s users. It also allows them to interact using video call and sms’s from their 3G mobile phones. User’s are charged only for the messages they send or calls they make !

New York – BuzzD
BuzzD provides for US cities (currently only New York) what Yulop provides with cityfind Bangalore. A city based sms search.
It has some interesting delivery mechanisms for it’s service like sms.

Paris – WebWag
Webwag allows users to choose Internet content which will be delivered to their mobile phone with their application.

Rome – Nanology
Nanology is one of the many mobile video sharing services which presented at this awards.

Shanghai – DuoGuo
They have a very interesting model to retail Mobile content. Unfortunately the presentation was not very clear.

Singapore –
This company had a very innovative p2p content sharing model for Mobile phones. You an imagine it as a bittorent for Mobile. Very interesting to see how they manage it with low GPRS data speeds,

St. Petersburg – 4Mobi.TV
4Mobi.TV provides Mobile TV service where users can create their own channels and subscribe to them to see on their Mobile via their downloadable application.

Taipei – Toro
Toro provides a Mobile payment system by linking your credit cards to Mobile phones which you can then use to shop. They all it “Contact Less” payment.

Buzzd won all the three awards in this category (Jury, Audience and Global Momo chapter award)

Emerging Startups

Chennai – Mobile-worx
Mobile worx provides an advertising platform targeted towards Indian advertisers and Indian mobile content providers. Interesting part about their ZestAdz platform is that it can integrate to with different application technologies like WAP sites, J2Me applications or even some of the native Mobile device applications.

Dublin – Sentry Wireless
Sentry wireless has a very innovative sim based spam filtering application which allows to put “parental control” to calls and sms’s reaching to kids.
The CEO described it as “Sim based Firewall” !

Dusseldorf – Cellity
Cellunity provides a complete application suit including free sms cheap calls abd bakup for your featre phones the client is developed in J2ME.

Helsinki – Fromdistance
Fromdistance has a very interesting application which allows sharing media files which they use for Citizen journalism or remote journalism.

Istanbul – Mobinex
Mobinexx provides on device platform for web applications.

London – Taptu
Taptu provides a community based Mobile search service which is subset of what Ziva provides with zook. Unfortunately they could not present their slides completely due to some technical glitch.

Madrid – Kimia
Kimia allows search and sharing of Mobile content like images and videos

Milan – Waymedia
This one was interesting. Waymedia has installed Bluetooth access points all over towns via which they can allow mobile users to send free sms’s.
In return user gets an advertising message vi Bluetooth.

Mumbai – Ziva
Here is the detailed coverage

Munich – Qiro
Location based social networking application for Mobile phones.

Oslo – Adactus
Video content delivery platform for mobile phones. They use the latest video format to optimize content delivery to phones

Silicon Valley – Funambol
This was one of the most interesting presentations of the event. Funambol provides an open source alternative to Mobile messaging with already 70 Million downloads.
It allows regulat Mobile phones with data connection to have powerful e-mail applications like blackberry. Open source factor allows them to reach to as many mobile phones as possible.

Stockholm – Momail
Momail is a free e-mail client for your yahoo /gmail accounts.It works on only a few partner operators though.

Winners in this category

Jury :- Funambol
Audience :- Kimia
Momo Global community :- Taptu

After the event we networked with the Jury and got some feedback on Bangalore start-ups. According to the feedback, Jury rated both Mobisy and Ziva very highly on technology innovation and disruptive potential front. Just that some of the jury members were not able to understand the technology during the short 3 minute presentation and hence ….
But both Ziva and Mobisy got excellent leads from the event which is a great takeaway !


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