MoneyControl’s mobile version grabs 1 lakh users in 1 month. Lessons learnt?

MoneyControl launched “Markets on Mobile“, their wap enabled product a month back and now boasts of 1 lakh users accessing the site thru’ their mobile phones (blackberry version is out too)

This post is not about discussing the 1 lakh number (that could be a PR trick, you see!), but in my opinion, services like these are a true harbinger of days to come.


And here is why:
What’s really important in investment product is easy access to latest news, and enablers to make quick and smart decisions (on the go). Unlike the superficial products like social networks, investment products have serious money (and lives) involved.
And people are ready to spend money (GPRS download fee) to use something that helps them make smart decisions (i.e. delivers value).

And that’s where I see the next trend of mobile Internet products hitting the Indian scene : pain relievers.

Content with contextual relevance rules and maybe that’s why mobile internet user numbers are more than broadband – mobile Internet products/vas services typically fall under entertainment or pain reliever category (and both will appeal to the Indian audience).

Generic content will not have too many takers. Do you agree?

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