MoneyWorks4me will help your money work for you (“Sensible” Stock Investment Tool)

Everybody thinks they get the stock market right – just that only few get it right! While there are couple of sites offering investor advices on stock investing, there is always a scope for few more to play in this market.

Moneyworks4me is a Pune based startup that helps it’s users with sound advice and practical tips on stock investing. The portal provides adjusted vital financial data one requires to have a look before investing in a stock based on the principals of Value Investing.

The site is essentially built on 2 golden rules:

  • 1st Golden Rule: Invest in a company that’s worth owning forever
  • 2nd Golden rule: Buy shares at 50% discount or lower and sell at MRP provided it gives minimum 20% compounded rate of return.

The product has couple of interesting features – for instance, ‘Screen’ will help you filter out companies (from a selected industry/sector) based on certain parameters like Net Sales, P/E Ratio, EPS and P/BVPS etc – so that you do can focus on the right set.

The team also wants to bring in collaborative angle to the entire stock buying decision with collaborative features like wiki, forum, blogs, community assessment etc.

The site is currently in beta state and has a free 21-day free trial offer – so the monetization is going to be via the subscription model.

Couple of feedback

– Features are loosely connected. There is no common thread among the features.

– Language is too technical and is fine if your TG is a high-end stock investor. But, if you want to make money via subscription model, open the gates to novice users and for that, use ‘English’ and not ‘stock’ languge.

– Given that the product is in it’s early stage, I am sensing bloated list of features that have been put up.

– Rethink about the subscription model. Without any strong credibility, one might have a tough time selling the subscriptions.

What’s your opinion on Moneyworks4me? Answer this – will you pay for subscription (i.e. see enough value) to the service? Why?

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