Monitor Online Advertising – Vizisense Launches AdView Tool

In an attempt to build more authority in online advertising space, Vizisense has launched an online advertising monitoring and analysis tool, AdView.

AdView provides critical insight into the online advertising landscape by tracking online spends at multiple levels:

  • Advertisers, brands and product categories.
  • Publishers and online verticals.
  • Display ad creatives (i.e. static banners, text, rich media, video ads, etc.).

Vizisense Adview Tool
Vizisense Adview Tool

AdView is targeted at agencies, advertisers and publishers seeking to gain insights into online advertising trends, competitive benchmarking and campaign-level execution.

Vizisense’ AdView aims to be one-stop shop for viewing creative units that form a part of online campaigns.

AdView provides an easy-to-use snapshot of the most active online advertisers and brands – including their share of spends across the top 1000 publisher sites. With over 100 industry categories, AdView users can analyse data by volume and type of ad inventory purchased, as well as performance of various types of creative units. –details

What’s interesting about Vizisense is how Komli is building it’s authority in Online advertising space and is building a competitive edge over other ad networks who are too busy running after media buying agencies and publishers.

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