Monitor and track adoption of your SAAS app using CustomerSuccessBox

SaaS business have 80-95% of the Life Time Value (LTV) locked as potential recurring revenue. Retaining Customers is the secret to SaaS growth. But SaaS businesses don’t know who will Renew, Buy-more or is at At Risk of canceling until the renewal date, which is too late to act to prevent churn.
CustomerSuccessBox monitors account health by tracking product adoption and usage continuously. It further allows Customer Success Managers (CSM) to translate these insights and take “Action” from right within the platform. From On boarding to Up selling, CustomerSuccessBox acts as a single platform that CSM can rely on to deliver Portfolio Growth.

CustomerSuccessBox monitors account “health” by tracking product adoption and usage continuously. And Predicts which account is likely to renew, buy More or is at risk.

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