Tech around wwworld: Monster to Acquire Y! HotJobs, OVI Maps Download

While Google, Apple and others have taken the competition to next level, Yahoo is busy selling off it’s non-core properties (anybody knows what’s core for Yahoo?).

Yahoo, earlier sold Zimbra to VMWare and has now announced sell-off of Y! HotJobs to Monster for $225mn.

The two companies have also entered into a three year commercial traffic agreement, to take effect upon the closing of the acquisition, in which Monster will become Yahoo!’s provider of career and job content on the Yahoo! homepage in the United States and Canada. The traffic agreement calls for performance based annual payments calculated by clicks and expressions of interest, subject to annual floors and ceilings. In addition, the traffic agreement provides Monster with an exclusive right for a period of time following the closing of the acquisition to negotiate similar traffic agreements with Yahoo! properties on a global basis, including countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, subject to certain limitations.- details

Nokia OVI Maps Downloads

Nokia announced the free version of OVI maps and the company claims that the OVI map has been downloaded a million times just in the first week of the announcement.

The service has been so popular Nokia’s servers were averaging a download every second, 24-hours a day. From next month, all new Nokia GPS-enabled smartphones will include the software pre-loaded with local country map data, and also allow access to Lonely Planet and Michelin travel guides at no extra cost. – details

LinkedIn Architecture

LinkedIn appears to use a combination of aggressive partitioning, keeping data in-memory, and a lot of custom code (mostly modifications to Lucene, some of which have been released open source) to handle these challenges. One interesting tidbit is, going against current conventional wisdom, LinkedIn appears to only use caching minimally, preferring to spend their efforts and machine resources on making sure they can recompute computations quickly than on hiding poor performance behind caching layers. (via)

HipHop for PHP

Facebook has launched HipHop for PHP, taking PHP to the next level.

With HipHop we’ve reduced the CPU usage on our Web servers on average by about fifty percent, depending on the page.
Less CPU means fewer servers, which means less overhead. This project has had a tremendous impact on Facebook. We feel the Web at large can benefit from HipHop, so we are releasing it as open source this evening in hope that it brings a new focus toward scaling large complex websites with PHP. While HipHop has shown us incredible results, it’s certainly not complete and you should be comfortable with beta software before trying it out. – more

Slideshare offers custom channels for Business

SlideShare has announced that it now offers businesses the ability to create their own custom channels, enabling them to share presentations, whitepapers with a wider audience. Launch partners include . Microsoft, Ogilvy, Adobe and Razorfish Marketing.

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