This Made in India Monster Truck Produces 300 Bricks a Minute !

The Made in India BMM300 is the world’s only Mobile Brick Making Machine that can produce a staggering 300 bricks a minute. Indeed, it is a real Monster Truck! This machine is the definition of sheer intelligence. It cranks out bricks laying them in nice straight rows for easy collection. Made in Firozpur Bangur village in Sonepat, it stood 19th among 30 innovations that bagged the DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme awards for 2016.

The machine has gained much popularity all over the world, and it has countless fans now. It is not only in demand in Haryana, UP, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Karnataka but has also gained popularity in Nepal.

The Man Behind This Machine

Not an IITian, but tenth-pass brick kiln owner from Sonepat, Haryana has revolutionised the brick-making process in India. By inventing a machine that is as productive as 120 labourers, Satish hailing from Ladrawan village has made a huge contribution to the construction industry.
This 42-year-old who made this wonder has got the machine patented now.
Satish thought of making this machine in the year 2007 when he was sick of his labourers’ unexplained absenteeism at his brick kiln. “They did not show up for work despite taking salary. BMM, the machine can make 150 bricks in a minute and around 40,000 bricks in one day,” he shares. While another model BMM-300 can manufacture 300 bricks in just 60 seconds and 85,000 bricks in a day. “With the help of this machine, we have been able to overcome the problem of shortage of manpower in the area,” he added.
The parts of machine are imported from Germany and Italy. So far, Satish has got 25 such machines manufactured. Pravesh, an engineer who helped Satish in manufacturing the machine says, “Satish had invested all his savings and ancestral assets in manufacturing the machine. And in 2013, he was finally able to manufacture three machines. People even started calling us mad as we were so involved in manufacturing the machine. But after seeing the result, the same people have started appreciating our work.”
After discovering this through sources, the CM of Haryana has also come forward to his help by offering him financial aid to expand his venture.

All this shows how much talent and brilliance we have here in India and how can we revolutionize, not only a particular industry in our own nation, but the whole world.
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