This Indian app startup witnessed more app downloads than Rovio


Why can’t angry Indians produce the next Angry Birds? Well, while we wait for that to happen, NCR based startup inox witnessed 9 million downloads in December 2011, as opposed to Rovio’s 4.6 million downloads (in the Android app store).

inoXapps is a start-up by IIT Delhi Alumni and some of their apps include Live Wallpaper, Finger Print Scanner, Ghost screens and few adult etc. inoxapps_thumb

As per Xyologic’s December 2011 data, Rovio witnessed 4.6 Mn downloads while Inox had about 9.0 Mn (little more than Outfit7 which had 8.1 Mn). While Xyologic data has been questioned earlier, founder of inoxApps, Nikunj Jain did confirm that the number of app downloads they received was pretty much in line with Xyologic report.


Via: Appnomy.

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