: Now You Can Build Your Own Chatbot

No matter what size business you run, answering customer queries has always been a costly affair. You either spend a lot of time or a lot money on hiring agents. Either case, your customer has to wait for some minutes or some hours to get your response. When you are offline, your customer just goes away.

What if you had a SuperAgent who could be awake 24 hours, capable of serving hundreds of users in seconds. That too, at a price much lesser than a human agent.

Meet, an AI powered platform where businesses can build their own chatbots.

Location : New Delhi

URL: – Customer Support : How does it work?

Just sign up at choose the channel where you want to deploy your chatbot and that’s it. Where does it learn everything, you ask? It learns from you! Just start chatting with your customers using and SuperAgent would learn from your interactions and instantly use all that training to respond to incoming customers. You can also train your chatbot by adding FAQs in bulk.

There are a bunch of other features which together make an awesome platform.
– ‘Forms’ help you embed conversational forms in the chatbot. Conversational forms are a great way to collect details from your users and are proven to have more completion rates over traditional forms.
– ‘Announce’ helps you broadcast messages to some targeted audience

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