Sweet Irony: Second most popular Extension in Google Chrome is IE Tab

And it’s just not Google chrome, but even Firefox, where IE tab happens to be one of the most popular extension.

What’s IE Tab Extension?

IE Tab extension Use Internet Explorer to display web pages in a Chrome tab. Since some sites can only be displayed using IE, you can now see those sites without leaving Chrome.

Possible Reasons

  1. Whole lot of developers would like to test their web apps on IE, without actually testing it on IE.
  2. Chrome has managed to break into consumer segment and maybe, a lot of consumers end up installing this tab (websites of banks/financial institutions works best on IE).
Popular Chrome Extensions
Popular Chrome Extensions

Difficult to go with second explanation (consumers would rather switch to IE than install IE tab), so it seems a lot of geeks use IE tab on chrome (also, the IE tab extension for Chrome works a lot better than the one for firefox, and maybe that explains it’s top position).

Moreover, this also means that even though geeks hate IE, they have got to live with it (IE vs. IE vs IE vs Other Browsers – Chaos Continues).

Why am I sharing this? Because I meet a lot of Indian geeky entrepreneurs who do not see a need to support IE for their web applications (I am the End User‘ syndrome?).

It’s time to revisit that.

Even though IE market share is falling, you cannot ignore the beast (read: IE market share falls in India, Chrome picks up)

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