Who Leads The Internet Search Queries for Smartphones in India? Answer: Blackberry

Even though feature phones dominate the mobile market in India, smartphones are gathering a huge amount of interest. And guess who is leading the mobile search related queries (smartphones, specifically) made on ecommerce sites?

Answer: Blackberry!

Blackberry phones form 29% of all searches for mobile phones online (searches captured on ecommerce sites*), led by  Nokia (35%), which is mostly known for its feature phones.

Though it comes as quite a surprise, but this probably is a result of TV ads that Blackberry ran over the last 6 months bringing down the notion that Blackberry phones are for executive class only.

Online Search For Mobile – The Leader

Overall, Nokia leads the mobile queries and stands at 35%, followed by Samsung (30%), BlackBerry (29%) and Micromax (22%).

Popular Searchesimage005

– Even though the smartphone market in India is just 5% currently, the interest in buying smartphones is evident when you see that 44% of people enquiring about phones on e-commerce websites compare them to feature phones!

– Amongst all those who look for phones online, 12% of them end up purchasing the mobile phones from the e-commerce and group buying websites (1 in 8 searches end up in transaction).

– The thing that you should look at closely is the duplication between brand searches. Most users compare between Nokia and Samsung before they make their final purchases. Our own offline observation has shown that people are slowly shying away from the Nokia brand name for brands that offer better values for their money, like Samsung and Micromax.

Who Leads The Internet Search?

A quick look at Google Trends data throws a similar perspective (though Samsung has a bigger lead, compared to what is shown in Vizisense report of searches made in ecommerce sites).



What’s your take? Who will dethrone Nokia in India (who recently sold its 500 millionth phone in India).

* The study was conducted by Vizisense and involved data from ecommerce sites for a period January – April 2011 of all the users who searched for mobile handsets on ecommerce sites.

Also see: The Rise of Mobile Only Internet Generation in India.

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