Are Moto E Reviews on Flipkart Rigged?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. This old saying works on a majority of things, and glorious reviews on online retailer sites are certainly one of them. When one mentions e-commerce websites who else comes to mind first, but ?

A new low-budget phone, the Moto E went on sale at the country’s leading online retailer this morning. However, it had been just over 12 hours since they started selling it, and there are already over 800 ratings, majority of which obviously sound great.

Moto E is Motorola’s attempt at targeting the low-budget segment. Much like the other two recent phones from Motorola – Moto G and Moto X, Flipkart is the exclusive retailer for this phone.

But on finding over 800 ratings and some 200 comments – mostly giving good feedback, we couldn’t resist but question, are these ratings and comments fake? Note that it has been done before and in fact, it’s a rather common practice everywhere as every service craves for great reviews. Most of us check the reviews before buying a product, hence it is in the company’s best interest if the product is getting rave reviews. Some, evidently take matters in their own hands. A quick look at these reviews and you’ll notice that they all cover each and every aspect of the product – possible search keywords.

Flipkar Review

What is even more amusing in this particular case is that Moto E hasn’t even been launched anywhere else in the world. The people commenting on the site most probably haven’t got their hands on the device yet. Still, surprisingly these comments echo in unison a set of appreciative, optimized keywords which aim to attract a lot of users.

We aren’t accusing Flipkart of rigging comments, yet. But the company has been very creative with SEO in the past. It has also lied about specifications. We’ve pointed out earlier about how it deleted bad reviews from its site. To keep up with Motorola’s expectations, it is willing to do it some more?

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